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 Do Vegetarians take a good point?

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Do Vegetarians take a good point? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Do Vegetarians take a good point?   Do Vegetarians take a good point? - Page 2 EmptyFri Apr 03, 2009 5:12 am


lions eat deer.
snakes eat rats.
sharks eat... whoever looks nice.
it's NATURAL to eat meat
it's better factory killing the pigs/cows or other meatstuffs than killing them ourselfs and eating them (pretty much) alive, aint it?
Its antural for us to eat meat.
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Do Vegetarians take a good point? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Do Vegetarians take a good point?   Do Vegetarians take a good point? - Page 2 EmptySun Apr 05, 2009 9:53 am

I agree, but seriously. You could at least post something more factual to support your decision. >_> But hey, I guess that's just you.
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Do Vegetarians take a good point? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Do Vegetarians take a good point?   Do Vegetarians take a good point? - Page 2 EmptyTue Apr 14, 2009 5:25 pm

MG wrote:
hardRAWKR wrote:
Wow. You guys have no respect for animal rights. They have nervous systems, thus they can think and feel. They may not know love as we do, but they are not as different as you think, they just can't put their feelings into words.
Fuck you.

*sigh* Very well. If that is what you wish to stick by, then so be it. Your *opinion* is yours to acknowledge. But seriously.

Firstly, do you seriously think every single fucking living BEING on this Earth is a fucking sadist who *LOVES* to see animals slaughtered? Butchers and workers in the animal industry always find a way to painlessly kill the animal. The chicken, for example. They have suitable living conditions to live in- DISEASE FREE MAY I ADD, SOMETHING WE DONT HAVE, to live in. Once grown up, healthy, and well fed, they are put in the factory for a quick, painless death. They don't feel a thing. The same with cattle.

On the other hand, yes, disease sneaks in every once in a while to infect, wound, and fuck off to repeat the same process elsewhere. Yes, the diseased animal is put to death, but think just for one fucking second. Would you see your family in extreme pain and suffering and simply let them die painfully and sorrowfully? Or would you rather end their suffering quickly and painlessly? Of course painlessly, unless you are sadist.

Another example of QUALITY living conditions. SWISS COWS! Yes. They have HUGE amounts of space, wonderful food, and they even fucking go ON HOLIDAY. They fucking love it, hence the reason the Swiss have such nice dairy products. Even I was shocked when I first heard this.

You see, it is actually, the FUCKING CHARITY's FAULT FOR FUCKING BRAINWASHING BULLSHIT INTO PEOPLES MINDS. First off, they only show the worst cases of what happens, and second, that is all they have, why do you think that charity adverts hardly update? Because they have hardly any cold, hard proof.

Not only is it the charity's fault, but also it's workers. The only reason there is animal abuse is because of Sadists, pirates, and poachers. The lot. Notice anything? They are all illegal. But do not be fooled; look at PETA.

There was an arguement with PETA on DarkDemon. What do they believe in again? Ah, yes. 'save the animals!'. Oh I'm all for it. Yeah, whoop de doo. WHOOP DE FUCKING DOO. /sarcasm.

One case: They believe in saving animals from labs and shit correct? Well, I don't understand how bombing a building full of animals is saving them. Yes they were in a lab, but they were fucking testing new medicine. Where the FUCK do you think charity money goes to? It goes to labs to create medicine. How can you cure a disease with a medicine that doesn't exist? No point.

Another case: They targeted the chairman of some Animal testing service somewhere. What they did? Slashed his tires, broke his windows, egged it, and set off fireworks in his car. The problem? WRONG FUCKING CAR. Idiots. They vandalized a COMPLETELY innocent bystander's car, just to prove a point. We have all fucking heard of them, what fucking more do they want? More fucking money to bomb ANOTHER LAB? MAYBE THEY MIGHT MISS AND HIT AN ORPHANAGE, OR A HOSPITAL.

Fuck PETA, and I hope you understand my god damn fuching point now.

My two cents. And don't bother warning me for flaming. It's hard to prove a point to someone who hardly listens.

Well to be honest I doubt a lot of that is accurate (or even makes sense), but I will say that the people who work in the meat industry do NOT slaughter the animals painlessly. Most of the time they do a sloppy job and sometimes the animal isn't even dead when it goes through the meat grinder. That may not be the case 100% of the time, but it's not uncommon. And also, I am aware that PETA is a tad extremist, but I have nothing to do with PETA, so it doesn't matter.
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Do Vegetarians take a good point? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Do Vegetarians take a good point?   Do Vegetarians take a good point? - Page 2 Empty

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Do Vegetarians take a good point?
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